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Yoga School, Thailand

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E-Bike, Pune

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Education, Mumbai

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Online Fashion brand

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Rockwell Automation

Industrial automation company

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Bindra's Kitchen

Hospitality Services, Pune

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Pharmaceutical Company, Vietnam

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Spring Onion

Oriental Cuisine Restaurant, Pune

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Bearing and seal manufacturing company

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Rain Ad

Website Development

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We design Brands, Strategies, and Websites that improve results.

If you need to create or renew your brand, a new website or launch a digital campaign, the objective is clear. Get better results.

You can count on MAD Designs. We have been perfecting our methodology for 10 years, a work process based on sales marketing, aimed at promoting commercial actions and their results.

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We Are Offering

Creation of Memorable Brands.

We work side by side with the marketing departments and CEOs of medium and large companies in the creation of new brands or the rebranding and enhancement of the corporate image of your company, to face new commercial challenges.

  • Naming
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Corporate Verbal Identity
  • Brand Consulting
  • Packaging & Labelling
Design of Effective Web Pages and Apps.

We design corporate websites and mobile applications with high visual impact and effectiveness. We pay special attention and work to the user experience and usability to improve conversion and the perception that the target audience will have of the brand.

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Ecommerce
  • App Design
  • UX/UI Design
Digital Strategies that Convert.

Marketing strategies designed to connect and excite the target audience. Digital marketing loaded with strategy and visual quality. Careful and precise work, aimed at a greater emotional connection and positive brand assessment by the client.

  • Creative Copy and Sales
  • SEO / SEM / SMM
  • Advertising strategy
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Content Creation

Brands that add value and improve results.

If you want to improve your company's business results, you need a brand that attracts and connects with your target audience. We will create the image you need, to enhance and increase the effectiveness of your commercial actions.

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Web Pages to Connect and Build Trust.

You do not need another website that does not serve to sell. Your website is the most powerful sales tool that your company has. That is why at MAD Designs, we create each website using a methodology designed to impact and generate the necessary trust.

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Digital Strategies to stop wasting more time.

In Digital Marketing it is easy to get lost if you do not know where to focus. It is useless to spend a lot of money if not all the pieces fit. For this reason, we only design strategies that concentrate efforts on realistic and profitable objectives.

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Your customers are looking for you, do you know where they do it?

Millions of people search for services and products on Google every day, the number 1 search engine in the world.

Is your website well positioned?
Is it easily found on Google?

With our SEO and SEM services, your clients will find your website, with keywords that really generate business.

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Whether your company is in the process of renewing its image to consolidate or improve its brand positioning, or if you are preparing to launch new products or services on the market, we are sure that what you need are results.

We create and promote brands to improve their business results.

Our clients.

Take a look at some of the unique Branding solutions we've created to help our clients achieve their goals.

Summit Digitel, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
Radio Mirchi, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
Customize QR code Generate for SKF by MAD Designs
Rockwell automation, creative designs client of Mad Designs
Tappet Box, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
Ventura – Creative designs client of MAD Designs
Xinren, web development client of Mad Designs
Ana-cyber, web development client of Mad Designs
Radio Mirchi, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
Marks Pryor – Website Designs client of MAD Designs
SPM Public School | Wonder..Learn..Grow client of MAD Designs
Metro Park | Wonder..Learn..Grow client of MAD Designs
Brand identity of arwade infrasture by MAD Designs
Anhaya, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
pgkm, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
GunArtwork, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
Zenitron, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
masterkamal, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
Divinitypro, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
SMA, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
Easy Donate, Creative designs client of MAD Designs
Spring onion – Social Media & creative designs client of MAD Designs
Brand identity of Athena by MAD Designs
Divinitypro, graphic designs client of Mad Designs
Brand identity of Neetadevelopers by MAD Designs
Brand identity of bambukat by MAD Designs
Iaminworld, web development client of Mad Designs
Lucent, web development client of Mad Designs
Svasara, web development client of Mad Designs
Urban Meal, web development client of Mad Designs

Graphic Design Company in Pune aimed at small and large companies.

Online Advertising and Marketing Agency

Graphic Design and Advertising Company in Pune, adapted to the current needs of Digital Marketing and Traditional Offline Communication, which provides its services throughout India and in-person in Pune. As an Advertising and Marketing Agency, we offer all services related to Brand and Product Communication. All of them are aimed at optimizing sales processes, the positive perception of the brand by customers, and, therefore, improving results. We can successfully cover any project thanks to a global approach, with high doses of Marketing and Brand Positioning.

Graphic Design and Web Design Agency

Graphic design services in Pune oriented to small and large companies We offer powerful graphic design, aimed at greatly helping to achieve the business objectives set. We help boost sales departments. This marked style of graphic design agency undoubtedly makes us different from other Marketing and Advertising agencies. We know that the brand image is one, if not the most important, of the most powerful weapons today to add value to a service or product, it is the key to improving sales processes. That is why we work at the highest level in this aspect.

Brand Consulting

We develop and execute precise methodologies with a high strategic load, to accompany the creation, evolution, and transformation of brands. We do it through developments that go beyond the mere creation of visual and verbal identity. We lay deep strategic foundations to build differential attributes in the market, through consulting processes that involve: customer and market studies, brand diagnoses, competitor analysis, trend studies, brand architecture, rebranding strategies, among other plans. in the long term for the construction of powerful and integral brands.

Brand Strategy

Through specific methodologies based on sales marketing, we define the brand positioning and create the brand strategy that will guide and structure the business, and the subsequent communication and advertising actions. A good brand strategy always responds to why we are relevant in the market, why we exist in it, who we address, how we speak to them, how we differentiate ourselves from our competition, and what is the conceptual territory that we occupy in the market. To build a great brand, it's important to align your strategy with your business goals and customer needs.

Brand Positioning

We analyze the competitive environment to understand in which areas a business can be differential and competitive. This concretion allows us to understand how a brand must be perceived by the mind of its target customer for its success. We also facilitate the definition of strategic aspects as relevant as the mindset or pricing. The stages of brand positioning building range from the definition of a current and a desired perceptual space, to the definition and creation of the final brand personality on which the rest of the branding strategy will be based.

Brand Architecture

We create conceptual models of hierarchy and organization of the catalog of products and services to facilitate their understanding and the choice of consumers about them. Brand architecture is the strategic relationship between all the elements that make up a brand proposal and has a direct impact on numerous aspects such as the definition of the brand character of each constituent element of the catalog, the nomenclatures, the management of multiple brands, the creation of umbrella brands and sub-brands, among others.

Naming: Trade Names

The name is the first opportunity we have to say something about our business. Through creation, filtering, and selection processes, we offer name alternatives aligned with the brand strategy: naming and positioning always go hand in hand. In this sense, it is not enough to combine words to create a name, but it is necessary to go through various instances of both strategic and tactical thinking, such as the legal viability of registering trademarks and trade names, to reach a final choice with guarantees. of success.

Slogans and Sales Claims

A slogan or claim is a phrase that brands use as a form of immediate recognition of their essence or that reinforces their campaign objective. Through the analysis of the brand strategy and verbal identity, we manage to generate phrases that synthesize the DNA of the business and its unique sales proposal, to come into operation with the rest of the elements that make up the brand.

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