Anhaya, Pune
Digital Marketing, Creative designs, website, Content writing
Digital Marketing(SEO), Website designing, Content Writing.

About Project

Building a commercial brand with a unique aesthetic that bridges the east and west sensibilities has been the guiding design outline for all of our collections. Attempting to create a line that caters to our clients intelligence, creativity, and individuality. We are inspired by varied forms of art, textures, cultures, weaves and textiles from different parts of India. Hoping to bring fashion into your world.

The Challenge

Their website was supposed to be designed and they handed over the work to a freelancer and did not get the work done for over a year.

Later they approached us for the completion of the website and the work was done in over a month. They also wanted to make people aware of their brand.


Their approach towards us for creating their online presence. They wanted to create awareness for their Fashion brand on all social platforms. They wanted to make an attractive and impressive website for people to know about their work. They wanted to promote their presence online and also for planning successful strategies that would help them.

Work Done

Brand consultation was done to create awareness about the importance of branding. An active social media was/is maintained. Creative designs for brochures, standees were made. A website was designed according to the requirements of the clients, which they thought was very impressing. Their social media posts was designed very creatively. Content was delivered according to the requirements. Digital marketing and different social media posts were made.

"The team at MAD Designs is like a wisp of fresh air. What impress me about them is, that every single time they understand what our brand really want, suggest brilliant campaign ideas and manage to execute it seamlessly. "

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