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In a world where we are surrounded by appealing visuals and catchy designs, how do you think your brand stands out? In a competitive market to attract customers to your product, you need a keen eye to the latest trends and a thorough understanding of customer psychology, backed with amazing grasp of graphics and colours. This is the complete ‘package’ we deliver. Being a new-generation packaging design agency, MAD Designs strives to bring you the most eye-catching, customer-focused package designs to help you capture the attention of your audience.

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Why is Packaging Design Important for Your Brand Identity?

Your product’s packaging is the first impression of your company in the eyes of your customer. Effective packaging design can make your product stand out on the shelves, differentiate it from competitors, and communicate your brand values to customers. Having worked on a myriad of package designing projects for some of the most esteemed companies across the world, MAD Designs understands what packaging design companies do differently, and we implement our knowledge in creating the perfect packaging design. Our team of experienced designers works closely with clients to create unique and eye-catching packaging designs that enhance brand recognition, increase sales and promote customer loyalty.

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Our Packaging Design Services

Paperboard / Cardboard packaging design

Looking for a good paperboard / cardboard packaging design for your product? We help your paperboard packaging look classy, unique and attractive, with the right designs, colours and functionality, so that your customers fall in love with the first look and feel of your product, right off the shelf.

Plastic packaging design

From designing sachets and wrappers, to large packets, trays and bottles, our experience in designing plastic packages can help your product stand out on the shelf. Be it for food, liquids, or non-perishable items, we carefully craft the packaging to ensure a tamper-proof, leak-proof package design, that keeps your products fresh and new from the time it is packed, till the time it is opened.

Rigid boxes packaging design

Want to maintain a high-end experience for your customers through your packaging? Then we can help you with immaculate designs of rigid boxes, that maintain the fragility of your products, and provides the most satisfying unboxing experience to your customers.

Polybags package design

If you’re looking for something to keep it simple, and still leave your audience mesmerised, we have the best polybag package design services for you. Our experts can help showcase your products with the most effective complimentary colours, while making your polybag package designs as eco-friendly as possible to reduce wastage of packaging material.

Identical package design

The design is an exact replica of the product itself, mirroring its appearance. The choice of design solely rests with the owner. If your business requires a packaging design that distinctly showcases the nature of the product contained within, this type of packaging design is the optimal choice.

Foil-sealed package design

Be it single layer foil packaging, or tetra-packs, we exactly guide your customers through our package designs. Our team is an expert at communicating your message through your packaging and our designs are sure to support your assurance to your customers of the safest and most effective tamper-proof packaging.

Bottled package design

Our team's artistic and creative expertise enables us to deliver the finest bottle packaging designs tailored to your needs. We have the ability to develop unique concepts for bottle packaging or bring your own ideas to life with precision. Whether you seek our distinctive concepts or have a specific vision in mind, we are well-equipped to design bottle packaging for all varieties of bottles.

Moulded package design

The design is crafted in a creative manner, tailored to the specific shape of the product. In this particular case, the packaging design is intricately linked to the size and form of the product. As a result, the design is meticulously crafted to be adaptable and moulded to complement the product seamlessly.

Label design for packaging

Want to create visually stunning packaging designs that are, not only aesthetically pleasing, but also communicate your brand message effectively? Our: Label Design packaging services can help you convey your message through just stickers and labels. We design labels that provide essential product information, are easy to read, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our Process Of Creating The Best Packaging Designs

Client briefing

The process of packaging starts with understanding your exact requirements. This includes the nature of product, its shelf-life, its target audience, product-category, your company’s brand guidelines and competitor analysis, to name a few.

Product naming and tagline creation

Based on the initial discussions, the product naming is done. This may also include writing catchy taglines for the product, naming its category and so on.

Design Architecture

This stage includes adding the rest of the content, as per the design aspect, regulatory norms, important details about the product like its nutritional chart, ingredients list, manufacturing and packaging details, etc.

Choosing the right graphics

This stage includes selection of the best product pictures to go on the package. This may be real photos from a photoshoot, or stock images, based on client requirements and budget. It may also include brand mascot or other necessary imagery, as per the decided scope of work.

Artwork and adaptations

This is the final stages of the package design process. In this stage, the approval and finalization of package design is done by the client. Once approved, the different adaptations of the files for different weight categories, if applicable, are created.

Delivery of Print Files

Once the final designs are approved by the client and all dues are cleared, the final print files are shared with the client for all the necessary adaptations, as well as the master file is shared, if required.

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Features of our Packaging Design Services

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our team works closely with clients to understand their brand values, target audience, and product positioning to create a packaging design that reflects their brand identity and resonates with their customers.

Concept Development

We create unique and innovative packaging design concepts that align with your brand values and differentiate your product from competitors.

Structural Design

Our team designs packaging structures that enhance the functionality of the product and ensure product safety during transportation and storage.

Attention to details

The importance that we give to the most intricate details in packaging is what makes our designs more refined and visually pleasing.


We create aesthetically pleasing packaging design concepts that align with the brand values and resonate with the target audience.

Focus on Functionality

Though designs are more about visual impacts, we ensure that our approach equally focuses on the functionality aspect of the product packaging.

Intuitive designing

Our conscious efforts of modern trends and branding practices help our designs to naturally align with your brand values and messaging.

Why MAD Designs for Packaging Design Services?

At MAD Designs, we offer a wide range of packaging design services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. What makes MAD Designs the top packaging design agency in Pune, India, is our attention to detail, while providing creative and innovative packaging design solutions.

Hire the Best Packaging Design Company Near You in Pune

If you are looking to create the best ‘first impression’ on your customers through innovative and engaging packing, then give us a call at +918698251984 and talk to our package designing experts in Pune, India..

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FAQs on Package Design Services in Pune

Package designing services are include the designing of packaging for different products. This includes designs of all kinds, including Pouch design, box design, bottle design, sachet design, moulded package design and so on. What it doesn’t include is the actual process of packaging.

The 4 different elements of packaging include Colours, Visuals, Typography and Format. It is only when all 4 elements of packaging are in sync, that a product’s packaging design can be called as optimized and functional.

Package design requires a lot of intricate knowledge of packaging basics and govt. regulations, as well as professional software and a natural talent of designs. This is what we provide in our professional package designing services. You can however, provide us with your inputs and work together with our team to create your product’s packaging.

The best way to choose aa trusted package designing agency, is by looking at an agency with experience and know-how of what goes in package designing. An added advantage is if the agency has previously worked on similar products or are specialists in a particular domain.

Trademarking and copyrights are a different service altogether and not included in package designing services. However, if you are interested in trademarking your product, you can talk to our team and we can get it done for you as a separate service.

Our focus is always on providing you with the best services and we do not focus on the number of revisions. Our focus is on providing you with the best options in package designing right from the first draft, with minimum changes, so that you can launch your products at the earliest in the market.

The timelines depend on various factors like the number of iterations, scope of product shoot, information sharing required for the package designing, iterations and so on. To know more about timelines, you can always talk to our team at +918698251984 and discuss your requirements and deadlines.

We have experience of more than a decade in packaging designs, and have worked on many different kinds of packaging, from FMCG manufacturers and retailers, to manufacturing industries and electronics sellers.

Our approach to packaging design services is what differentiates us, Our customized designs are aimed to suit specific brand and product requirements, while our innovative design concepts help your product stand out in the market.

It depends on the packaging material that you plan to use, the shape & size of your product, the nature of the product (if it is perishable or non-perishable, solid or liquid, etc.) and many other factors.

Yes, our services are open for all businesses interested in designing attractive packaging for their products, irrespective of the size of your company.

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